Colossus Command Game Arts

While i was working in Overdose Caffeine, i did Colossus Command's Game Arts, Cutscene Artworks, Concepts. Colossus Command is Commisioned and Published by Square Enix.

Colossus Command / Intro

Colossus Command Trailer 60s

Burak cinar portraits big1

Mech Pilot Portraits

Burak cinar gundamlike beta legend1

Legendary Unit illustrations. These units are rare and not randomized.

Burak cinar 1111111

Random Unit Setup illustrations.

Burak cinar units notlegends

Ingame Unit Parts

Burak cinar antartic11

Campaign World Thumbnails

Burak cinar loadingbg5

Game backgrounds

Burak cinar loadingbg7

Game backgrounds

Burak cinar loadingbg9

Game backgrounds

Burak cinar loadingbg8

Game backgrounds