Asik Veysel AARP Poster

Asik Veysel Poster

for Anatolian Rock Revival Project

Rock music fanatics are often accused of living in the past – whether they worship the birth of rock in the ‘50s, the psychedelic heyday of the ‘60s, or the punk rebellion of the ‘70s. But for Turkish rock fans it is rather the opposite. Due to the cultural repression that followed the 1980 coup, the earlier era of popular music was forgotten, with many of its artists lost in the transition from vinyl to cassette and CD. After discovering some of these tracks himself, Gökhan Yücel has founded the Anatolian Rock Revival Project to share the gems of Turkish rock. As well as promoting music on its YouTubeFacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts, the project has commissioned Turkey’s top illustrators to create new posters for each song.